Not a normal tourist destination

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Kalpriyanagari is an ancient Indian city. It cradled human occupation at even 45000 BC.

Only intellectual travellers have experienced  and understood this holy city. It had a sun temple of the size of a football ground or even larger. The sun temple is suppose to have been at village Gulloli, located on the right bank of river Yamuna. The city also nurtured the art of handmade paper making for centuries. The colourful history and culture of this ancient city is a real challenge.

Come prepared. You will fall in love with this city.
In the ancient times Kalpi was known as Kalpriya Nagari.

As time passed the name of the city was abbreviated to Kalpi. It was in 4th century that King Vasudeva founded Kalpi. The town is said to be protected by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the three chief Hindu Deities.

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